Convergence™ VTOL BNF Basic, 650mm


VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) RC models are usually a mixed bag when it comes to performance. If they are stable, their speed and agility is often lackluster. If they are nimble, pilots have to work harder to transition between hovering and airplane flight. The Convergence™ VTOL park flyer changes all that. Its unique design and exclusive flight control software give you the best of both agility and stability while making the transition between multirotor and airplane flight so smooth and predictable, you will feel right at home your first time on the sticks.

Sleek and Simple

Unlike complex VTOL aircraft that rotate the entire wing and require as many as four motors to achieve vertical and forward flight, the Convergence™ park flyer uses a simple, yet sleek, delta-wing design with three brushless motors - two rotating motors on the wing and a fixed-position motor in the tail.

In multirotor flight the wing-mounted motors rotate up into the vertical position to provide lift and flight control along with the motor in the tail. In airplane flight, the wing-mounted motors rotate down into the horizontal position and the model's elevons take over pitch and bank control. Yaw control in airplane flight is provided by differential thrust from the wing-mounted motors.

Exclusive Flight Control Software Makes it Easy

At the heart of it all is flight control software that has been expertly tuned by designer, Mike McConville, so almost any RC pilot can experience the fun of VTOL flight.

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Key Features

• Multirotor versatility and sport plane agility
• Designed by champion pilot, Mike McConville
• Exclusive flight control software makes it incredibly easy to fly
• Stability and Acro Modes provide a wide performance envelope
• Powerful brushless motors for outstanding speed and climb performance
• Super-simple transmitter setup - no complex programming required
• FPV-ready with camera and video transmitter mounting stations
• Durable Z-foam™ material


Approximate Assembly Time: No assembly required
Completion Level: Bind-N-Fly Basic
Flying Weight: 1.7 lbs (771g)
Length: 26.9 in (680mm)
Material: Foam/Carbon
Minimum Required Radio: 6+ channel DSMX/DSM2 (not included)
Motor Size: 2210-1450Kv Main, 2730 - 1550Kv tail
Recommended Motor Battery: 2200-3000mAh 3S 11.1V LiPo (not included)
Trimscheme Colors: Black, Red, Silver
Wing Area: 291 sq in (1883 sq cm)
Wingspan: 25.6 in (650mm)