RC Boats

Maine waters are made for racing. That’s our view, at least. Our selection of RC boats is somewhat limited, but we can always order something for you if we don’t have it in store. We do carry a couple of boats that have been popular among our customers.

The DCB M41 Widebody catamaran, designed by DCB (Dave’s Custom Boats) founder Dave Hemmingson, is the largest model offered in the DCB M-Series. With its sculpted design and a pair of Mercury Racing 1350 engines, it speeds across the water at 175mph! We also offer the Spartan, with brushless power, tons of speed, and a huge waterfall that rains down long after the boat speeds by. King’s Mountain also offers Pro Boat, Traxxas.

The products featured here are only a couple of the boats we have in store. Stop by to see our full selection, or give us a call and we’ll let you know if we have what you’re looking for.